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This is legal and does not raise an SQL Error, however, it will set the SQLCA.SQLAWARN register to indicate that the number of target variables does not match the select-list items. asked 4 years ago viewed 5893 times active 4 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #91 - Can You Stump Nick Craver? The second sqlwarn table in Figure 11-14 lists warnings that other SQL statements might generate. informix share|improve this question asked Jun 28 '12 at 18:50 Baris Seker 9818 You need to explain what you are trying to do. his comment is here

Once you determine that the database server has generated a warning, you can check the values of the other fields in sqlca.sqlwarn to identify the specific condition. Each position from 2 to 8 has a special meaning according to the database server type, and the SQL instructions type. Using SQLSTATE SQLSTATE contains an error code that follows ISO/ANSI standard error specification, but not all database servers support this register. Read 26 Feb 12 - BernieSpan.com - Better results, lower cost for a broad set of new IBM clients and partners... read this article

Forms Statement Error Number -8063

Error Code: -201 Query = CREATE FUNCTION foo() –Baris Seker Jun 29 '12 at 7:26 Sorry, that was never meant to be a runnable stored procedure. In the next example, the program connects to a database and displays the content of the SQLCA.SQLAWARN register. You can use C statements to obtain additional exception information. You can also use the rgetlmsg() and rgetmsg() library functions to obtain ISAM error message text.

  • The next three sections describe how to use the SQLCODE variable and the sqlca structure to perform exception handling.
  • The SQLCODE value can indicate the following types of exceptions: SQLCODE = 0 Success SQLCODE = 100 NOT FOUND condition SQLCODE < 0 Runtime error For information about the values of
  • In addition, the SQLCODE value for some SQL statements has special meaning.
  • Success in sqlca When the database server executes an SQL statement successfully, it sets SQLCODE (sqlca.sqlcode) to zero (0).

SQLAWARN[1] is set to W when any of the other warning characters have been set to W. All rights reserved. Display detailed debug information in case of internal driver error If an unexpected problem happens within the database driver, the driver will return the error -6319 (internal error in the database Sql Statement Error Number Read 06 Sep 13 - IBM data magazine - Mission Accomplished - Miami, Florida will be the backdrop for the 2014 IIUG Informix Conference...

Trademarks Privacy policy About DocWiki Terms of Use Community Forum Login Sign Up Ask a question Spaces B2BG Flow Topics Questions Users Badges Login Home / Flow / Question by Flow 4gl Error Codes High School Trigonometric Integration What is the exchange interaction? Re: SQL error: -243, ISAM code: -154 (views: 905)Nilesh Ozarkar -- Monday, 15 February 2010, at 1:24 p.m. [ View Thread ] [ Post Response ] [ Return to Index ] It sets one other field within the sqlwarn structure (sqlwarn1 to sqlwarn7) to the letter W to indicate the specific warning condition.

To obtain exception information, your ESQL/C program can access the sqlca structure or the SQLCODE variable as follows: The sqlca structure. Finderr See also WHENEVER WARNING exception. Use SQLCA.SQLCODE for SQL error management, and STATUS to detect errors with other language instructions. Figure 11-16 SQLCODE Values That Are Set When SQL Statements Do Not Return Any Rows (1 of 2) SQL Statement Where SQLCODE Gets the Indicated Result Result for ANSI-Compliant Database Result

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Peter Land - What or who am I? DEFINE is not a keyword you can use in a query. Forms Statement Error Number -8063 To trap SQL Warnings with an exception handle, use the WHENEVER WARNING instruction, as shown in this example.MAIN DEFINE cust_name VARCHAR(50) DATABASE stores WHENEVER WARNING STOP SELECT cust_lname, cust_address INTO cust_name Informix Isam Error However, in some cases, a program must keep the control when an SQL error occurs.

The native SQL error code is always available in SQLCA.SQLERRD[2], even if it could not be converted to an IBM Informix error. this content Important: The sqlerrd[4] field, which is the offset of the error into the SQL statement, might not always be correct because the ESQL/C preprocessor converts the embedded SQL statements into host-language format. Finance - IBM and Cable&Wireless Worldwide Announce UK Smart Energy Cloud... The SQLSTATE codes are defined by the ANSI/ISO standard specification, however not all database types support this standard. Informix Isam Error Codes

This is done to simplify migration to another database type. When connecting to an IBM Informix database with transactions, the program will display [WW W ]:MAIN DATABASE stores DISPLAY "[", sqlca.sqlawarn, "]" END MAIN By default SQL Warnings do not stop Whether this rowid value corresponds to a row that the database server returns to the user depends on how the database server processes a query, particularly for SELECT statements. weblink Using SQLSTATE for SQL error checking should be the preferred way for portable SQL programming, as long as the target databases support this feature.

WIN NT/95 Displaying Error Text Your ESQL/C application can use the Informix ERRMESS.HLP file to display text that describes an error and its corrective action. Sqlcode Read 16 May 11 - Business Wire - HiT Software Announces DBMoto for Enterprise Integration, Adds Informix. sqlca.sqlerrd[3] contains the estimated weighted sum of disk accesses and total rows processed.

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Browse other questions tagged informix or ask your own question. Read 23 May 10 - SiliconIndia - IBM's smart metering system allows wise use of energy... The sqlca.sqlerrd[4] field contains the offset into the prepared statement text at which the error occurs. Fiverr From DocWiki Jump to: navigation, search Reporting Server: What are the Informix Error Codes?

Recommended Action To look up Informix error codes, go to http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/epubs/html/i1182660.html You can also look them up using the Windows Help API: click on C:\db\INFORMIX\help\en_us\04e4 Release Release 7.0(2) Associated CDETS # SQL warnings Some SQL instructions can produce SQL Warnings. The SQLCA can be used to get an SQL execution diagnostic. check over here Read 10 February 2010 - The Wall Street Journal - International Business Machines is expanding an initiative to win over students and professors on its products.

Read 09 Sep 13 - telecompaper - Shaspa and Tatung have shown a new smart home platform at Ifa in Berlin. These warnings are Informix specific. The error codes detailed are those from the 10 IDS install CD. Error Code: -201 Query = DEFINE p_starttime DATETIME YEAR TO SECOND Anybody has a clue why this might be happening?

So some errors are missing, the Optical subsystem breakdown for example. SQLERRD[2] contains the last SERIAL or the native SQL error code. The SQLCA record is filled after each SQL statement execution.SQLCA is not designed to be modified by user code, it must be used as a read-only record. Read 1 Aug 11 - IBM Data Management Magazine - IIUG user view: Happy 10th anniversary to IBM and Informix...

If SQLCA.SQLAWARN is set, you can also check the SQLSTATE and SQLCA.SQLERRD[2] registers to get more details about the warning. Read 28 Aug 12 - techCLOUD9 - Splunk kicks up a SaaS Storm... If SQLCA.SQLAWARN[1] contains the W letter, it means that the last SQL instruction has returned a warning. For a list of possible SQLCODE values after a DESCRIBE statement, see "Determining Statement Type".

Informix recommends, however, that new applications use the SQLSTATE variable with the GET DIAGNOSTICS statement to perform exception checking. After a SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE: sqlca.sqlerrd[2] contains the number of rows that the database server processed. Every database type has its own error numbers. SQLAWARN[2-7] have specific meanings, see database server documentation for more details.

SQL error: -243, ISAM code: -154 The scenario is one thread has completed inserting a record in a table say employee_master and committed second thread while trying to open a cursor Read 21 Mar 11 - Yahoo! SQLERRD[3] contains the number of rows processed in the last statement (server dependent). You can also obtain information relevant to performance or the nature of the data that is handled.

Example MAIN WHENEVER ERROR CONTINUE DATABASE stores SELECT COUNT(*) FROM foo -- Table should not exist! SQLERRP is not used at this time. Also, the characters ?, ?, ?