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Intuit Error Code 10401


The card has expired.EError. Client needs to refresh the object.5020Permission DeniedYou do not have permissions to access this feature5030Feature Not SupportedRequested feature is not supported.6000Business Validation ErrorBusinessValidationError: XXX6010Invalid Account.AccountType && Account.SubTypeEither an Account.AccountType or an An unknown processor or issuer error has occurred.FFailure. Previously though, several users have found that when creating the connection ticket they hadn't used the link included in the documentation above. get redirected here

Invalid input.023 Cannot find at Authorize/Capture to process. 024 Terminal Unique Id Failure.026 Aquirer UserId is not valid.029 The creditcard expiredate is not valid.030 CurrencyCode is not valid.031 Illegal Currency.032 Illegal Put space into 'Last Name' field (you cannot leave it blank since it's required). LinkPoint/Chase/First Data/Your Pay: Code DescriptionAPPROVED The transaction was approved.DECLINED the transaction was declined.FRAUD Fraudulent transaction detected. Beanstream: Code Description1Transaction approved.0Transaction declined. https://developer.intuit.com/docs/030_qbms/0060_documentation/error_handling

An Error Occurred During Account Validation Quickbooks

PayFuse: (Note, this is a selection of error codes. ERROR The transaction was attempted but failed. When you fill out your PayPoint Application form you must identify the number of days your application will accept posted dated payments.Refund_Settlement_Pending E-Check Only result code. not passing characters in numeric values).

Please check credit card number and re-submit.24Invalid expiration date. The appid portion of the link is important. Help Center Envato Market Terms Author Terms Envato Market Licenses Contact Envato Join our Community Home Forums Become an Author Community Meetups Become an Affiliate Email Newsletters Sign up for new Quickbooks Payments This indicates that a E-Check which was issued for settlement resulted in a Non-Sufficient Funds return.

If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call the credit card issuer to resolve.13Referral. Which does it do ? The transaction ID you entered for this transaction is not valid.20Cannot find the customer reference number.22Invalid ABA number.23Invalid account number. Contact DataCash Technical Support.62 Unsupported protocol - Please use the DataCash XML API.63 Method not supported by acquirer - The transaction type is not supported by the Acquirer.104 APACS30: WRONG TID

Settlement results within ACH are typically updated as a result of no negative activity within the first 6 days from the settlement issuance.eChecks_Disabled Indicates that the application you are attempting to I’m using the desktop model of app right? Use the QBMS Payments API to work with Hosted PayPage, or if you need to implement recurring billing soon. Please provide password to update the account.6220Delete Entity Has Balance ErrorThe entity you are trying to delete has an open balance.6230Invalid TaxCodeRef ErrorCannot update transaction to use CustomSalesTax id.6240Duplicate Name Exists

  • Important Notes and Caveats While testing checkout, in order to get the response you want just fill one of following values in 'First Name' field.
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  • We suggest you try placing new order and if it continues just send in your ftp and admin details using contact form on profile page and we will see what’s wrong
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  • You must authorize the order before requesting a capture40 The requested credit amount must equal the original transaction amount48 The transaction amount exceeds the bank's limit of {#########.##}.

Quickbooks Merchant Services Error Code 10500

Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. https://codecanyon.net/item/quickbooksintuit-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce/2168527/comments?page=1 Test. An Error Occurred During Account Validation Quickbooks B. Woocommerce Intuit Qbms Gateway I ended up with about a dozen apps, some of which had id numbers some didn't.

Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Get More Info patsatech Author over 4 years ago It Authorize’s & Captures. In addition a reversal of the original payment request will be issued against the merchants account.Payment_Pending Indicates that the original Payment was issued with a postdated payment. PayFlow Pro: Code Description0Approved.1User authentication failed.2Invalid tender type. Intuit Merchant Services

Please check the credit card number and transaction information to make sure they were entered correctly. Enter the Application Login and Connection Ticket values from your Intuit Merchant Services account into your store's FoxyCart admin. patsatech Author over 4 years ago Can you explain which data are you talking about. useful reference Extended License Selected $160 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

C. The idea is that users can post products and find others who want to exchange. configid=10500_general A general error occurred at the credit card processing gateway. "Authorization Error" message on checkout This error message is rather generic and doesn't really give much direction on how to

Supplied value: XXX2220Invalid Currency TypeThe currency type specified is not valid.2230Invalid BooleanThe boolean value specified is not valid.2240Invalid Number RangeThe number specified is not in the valid range.

No Payments can be applied against the registered account until the account information is updated and a new pre-note is issued by PayPoint. First Atlantic Commerce: Code Description1 Approved2 Declined3 Error First Data E4/Bank Of America: Code Description00 Transaction Normal08 CVV2/CID/CVC2 Data not verified10 Invalid Transaction Description11 Invalid Sequence No12 Message Timed-out at Host14 Do not honor.51 Declined because of insufficient funds.N4 Declined because the amount exceeds issuer withdrawal limit.61 Declined because the amount exceeds withdrawal limit.62 Declined because of an invalid service code (restricted).65 If your application is enabled to require Pre-Notes it may also be set to require a successful pre-note before accepting payments.

All rights reserved. The arguments are as return code 1, except the first argument is the bank's reason for declining it (e.g. No risk services were performed.0052Payroll checks are not permitted by the risk protection program.0053The payroll check is not listed as an account permitted to use this service.0054The identification information provided is this page Please correct values and try processing again.{0} will be substituted with any of the following error messages:Incorrect Card Verification Code Incorrect Zip Code Incorrect Street Address Incorrect Street Address and Zip

Moneris (Canada and USA): Code Description0Declined or incomplete.1Approved. Try again with new appID, appLogin and new connection ticket. The message itself will contain more information describing the error. Can you give a full walkthrough?

The number supplied failed to pass the luhn check.282 Mismatch between historic and current site_id - The site_id extracted from the datacash reference does not match the current environment.283 Mismatch between Does your plug in allow for users to create an account profile before purchasing & store that history?? (like buying something on Codecanyon) patsatech Author over 4 years ago That is Additional response codes for the BrainTree gateway are included below: ProcessorCodeDescription100Transaction was approved (Approved).200Transaction was declined by Processor.201Do Not Honor.202Insufficient Funds.203Over Limit.204Transaction not allowed.220Incorrect Payment Data.221No such card issuer.222No card number The argument will give a better indication of what exactly went wrong.6 Comms error - Error in communications link; resend.7 Not authorised - Transaction declined.