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Informix Error 136 No More Extents

Read 17 March 2010 - Virtualization Review - ...key components of Big Blue's platform to the commercial cloud such as its WebSphere suite of application ser vers and its DB2 and In any case, from running onmonitor, we find wsc has 25 chunks, 19 0 1048575 1048575 /dev/md/rdsk/wsc1 PO- 20 0 1048575 1048575 /dev/md/rdsk/wsc2 PO- 22 0 1048575 1048575 /dev/md/rdsk/wsc4 PO- 21 But for that it would require some free space in the partition header. Determine the tblspace number for the table. his comment is here

If the value for Number of extents is close or exceeds 200, then : Reorganize the table using a larger initial extent size to defeat a high number of smaller extents Read 11 Mar 11 - InvestorPlace - It's Time to Give IBM Props: How many tech stocks are up 53% since the dot-com boom?... Unfortunately, this is not displayed in the log files – the first place to look when trying to detect a problem. Comparada com outras bases de dados que faziam a gestão no catálogo, estas tendiam a encontrar problemas e constrangimentos próprios da camada de SQL, e ao mesmo tempo eram mais lentas.

Read 24 Feb 12 - developerWorks - Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Continuous Acceleration during Data Refresh... Also, IDS can only track approximately 200 extents (logical grouping of disk pages) per table partition or fragment. Vou passar a ter tabelas/partições com dezenas de milhares de extents?". Read 1 Mar 12 - IBM Data Management - Running Informix on Solid-State Drives.Speed Up Database Access...

  1. Ele acrescentou, e cito: "Se há coisa que sempre admirei foi a maneira como o Informix gere os extents".Assim sendo, se um DBA de um cliente diz que admira a maneira
  2. Read 27 May 11 - IBM Data Management Magazine - IIUG user view: Big data, big time ( Series data, warehouse acceleration, and 4GLs )...
  3. E naturalmente isto não significa que passemos a ignorar o número de extents das nossas tabelas.

XIX000:-136:ISAM error: no more extents The table w_standard is defined as create table w_standard ( .... ) in wsc extent size 2097000 next size 2097000; The table is in dbspace wsc. Recomendo que consulte um artigo recente do DeveloperWorks intitulado "Understand the Informix Server V11.7 defragmenter". It is the value in the partnum column of the systables table for this table.

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Read 1 Aug 11 - IBM Data Management Magazine - IIUG user view: Happy 10th anniversary to IBM and Informix... Good luck ! Vejamos o que o Informix sempre fez bem:Após cada 16 novos extents adicionados, o Informix automaticamente duplica o tamanho do próximo extent da tabela. http://members.iiug.org/forums/ids/index.cgi/noframes/read/3937 Take notice that English is not my native language, so there are probably many mistakes.

Read 19 May 10 - The New Blog Times - Misurare il consumo energetico: DEHEMS è pronto... The DB_LIBRARY_PATH!!! The reason for this is that IBM only provides a cast that allows the conversion of TEXT and BYTE objects to BLOB and CLOB data types but not a cast that JavaScript is currently disabled.Please enable it for a better experience of Jumi.

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Reallocate the table in a dbspace with a larger page size as described above.

Copyright Privacy Menu ≡ ╳ Your Trusted Technology Partner Since 1992 (888) 685-3101 ext. 2 this content Para evitar isto, a duplicação do tamanho do próximo extent só acontece quando o novo tamanho tem uma relação razoável com o espaço reservado até então. This can be much more than the size already allocated to the table. As platform, we used Windows with a 4k page size.

Read 20 Sep 10 - planetIDS.com - ITG analyst paper: Cost/Benefit case for IBM Informix as compared to Microsoft SQL Server... Nesta situação, uma nova página é reservada para o cabeçalho da partição e a lista de extents pode crescer. There are two indices defined for the > table. weblink Our analysis shows that overall 220 extents can be allocated to this table and 17 extents have been allocated to this table till the error message.

Read 12 Oct 10 - Database Trends and Applications - Informix 11.7: The Beginning of the Next Decade of IBM Informix... Convert the tblspace number to hexadecimal and extract its most-significant 2 digits (the high-order byte). Simply because although Informix has done a pretty good job in preventing the number of extents to grow too much, we had a very low limit for the number of extents.

TBLspace Report for ts_db:informix.w_standard Physical Address 1300005 Creation date 05/08/2003 20:11:15 TBLspace Flags 901 Page Locking TBLspace contains VARCHARS TBLspace use 4 bit bit-maps Maximum row size 2125 Number of special

Cada partição em Informix tem um cabeçalho. Read 14 Nov 12 - IBM - IBM's Big Data For Smart Grid Goes Live In Texas... This is understandable as the max size of an extent is limited by the chunk size. Diagnosing the problem As user informix, run "oncheck -pt :


Read 01 Feb 13 - IBM Data Magazine - Are your database backups safe? Example output to oncheck -pt : TBLspace Report for dbase:informix.customer Physical Address 1:36878 Creation date 801 Page Locking TBLspace use 4 bit bit-maps Maximum row size 134 Number of special columns As in many other situations, things aren't exactly black and white... check over here Existe um problema real nisto: Se nessas cirunstâncias for criado um novo chunk nesse dbspace, e a tabela precisar de novo extent, pode acontecer que o motor reserve grande parte, ou

The indices are also in dbspace wsc. The detailed error text advised to run onstat -t and to look at the output: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 12.10.FC3 -- On-Line -- Up 1 days 00:37:15 -- 74880 KbytesTblspacesn planetIDS.com Informix - The world's smartest Data Server Search this site: 12.10 Doc IIUG Informix Zone Chat with the Lab @Twitter Impressum LIS.TEC - IBM Software Distribution für OEM / ASL I can be reached at domusonline at gmail dot com.