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Internal Compiler Error Failure While Writing Sunir File

Smart C hackers have been doing this without language support, and thus better understand how it works, and have better intuition about the performance impact of certain C++ language features. But I have to say, many geeks would disagree with me. Browse other questions tagged debian permissions group android selinux or ask your own question. So you then have to split them into different apps, so fragmentation slips in eventually anyway. (In a rails project, unless you're bolting on engines and such, all your models are have a peek at these guys

plus i am getting error messages (see below, from nighty.log and mail.msg, attached). I rarely check /. Yes, it has changed the world. Word for destroying someone's heart physically How do you grow in a skill when you're the company lead in that area? here

I assume its the planet earth like the rest of us. Do you want your codebase to respond with agility to the future. We complain about buggy code, but we eliminate people who know the techniques to solving large problems. I'm sure plenty of people here have done it.

Nope. One of my co-workers, aged 23 or so, will routinely work 10 hour days at a minimum, and has been found coding at 2AM. Until then, I'll keep sweating. As such it is a matter of feeling, dare I say emotion, and not a matter of laws and rules.

Or at least if you do, do not put it on your resume when you want to go back to development. I'm a part-time college prof, and I am a complete believer that the best teachers/professors are those who can learn from their students. Its especially obvious in computer science because thats a new field (compared to say civil engineering which has been around since the Romans). http://marc.info/?l=opensolaris-code&m=126201259604375 just want to pass on some hope to those who think > 30 is the kiss of death both financially and technically : it ain't necessarily so *if* you can maintain

because currently opensolaris isn't a distro [05:18:58] right [05:19:05] *** laca has quit IRC [05:21:08] who's the guy talking? [05:22:11] no idea, but he has some good ideas Re:Enduring individuals... (Score:2) by fm6 ( 162816 ) writes: Hello? I suggest that they be studied, because they are full of wisdom and insight. pjschwarz 895 days ago Hi Bob,>SRP is very simple...different people want to change a class for You just usually can't get enough variation in the job to get all the training and skills you need to keep advancing your knowledge and your career.

Any PHB would take a hypermotivated employee willing to work for pizza and stock options over a more staid, money-in-the-bank guy with kids to put thru college and financial obligations. It may look like it's made the code simpler locally, but all it's done is spread the complexity out over a wider area and increased it. Next message: [csw-maintainers] subversion - ld: fatal: library -luuid: not found (only on i386) Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] More information See: "If, on the other hand, the application is not changing in ways that cause the the two responsibilities to change at differen times, then there is no need to separate

I know I was. More about the author Why not discover what you are interested in on your own and pursue it and learn it on your own? By the same token, I tend to work in non-computer companies (i.e. C++ and other languages are starting to become more widely used and I was starting to fear that if I didn't learn C++ quickly, I'd get phased out.

  1. If I want to code, I can - although sometimes I have to make the case that it really is better for me to write something in a day than it
  2. Direct-X.
  3. First, there's the fact that the technology is changing so fast that the mature attitude that helps in most industries is a killer here.

That is, a single boolean switch is probably easier to reason about than 2 implementations on an arbitrary interface. You are focusing on reason for change without the context of responsibility. Programming is almost always multi-disciplinary anyway. check my blog But I have worked with some very good programmers, and about 50% of what makes them so good is innate things like intelligence and work ethic.

you guys are blessed enough [04:51:15] *** JWheeler has quit IRC [04:51:15] *** Gr|ffous has joined #opensolaris [04:51:21] *** sioraiocht has quit IRC [04:51:27] haha [04:51:40] and schilly [04:51:44] Do I hack 10 hours a day anymore? Even with this programming shortage, employers discriminate against older people.

I must say, though, that in terms of outright age discrimination this is probably one of the best industries.

Re:wrong .... But all the techs, web programmers, and newer technologies go to the younger guys. are useful in a fresh install of opensolaris? [06:26:01] apparently Kimberley is in some form of project management role or something at sun now, and not interested in writing an Consider that you have an Employee class that is a black box to you.

Well, it was a pretty big surprise when I first got a taste of the real world, and realized that there were problems I didn't know how to approach. Failure to follow SRP leads to both symptoms."Has the avoidance of Shotgun Surgery taken a back seat?Philip unclebobmartin 894 days ago Not at all. Besides, by the time you're too old to code, you should have already socked away a nice portfolio of mutual funds and stuff. http://mttags.com/internal-compiler/internal-compiler-error-cl-exe.php Share twitter facebook linkedin old = good, in many many cases (Score:2) by peengers ( 140033 ) writes: I do unix administration and some programming, but I have a degree in

Only in the United States? I have partitioned my external SD card to 10gb FAT32 and 20GB ext2 and used the mk-debian -i /dev/block/vold/179:37 which is the correct partition. Now that I am thirty-ish, I still do it, but only because I work for a company I have an equity stake in ... When I dropped out of college to work for a local startup, again I thought I was pretty badass.

sxce b64a ? [00:19:35] http://www.etherboot.org/wiki/index.php <- is that any help? [00:21:20] A bootstrap loader, usually in an EPROM on a network card, or installed in the flash BIOS, but I'm logged in as root and the partition is loaded readwrite because all other apt-get installs work, it just fails on any that modify the users / groups. It's good to be able to see it all in one place rather than having an extra tab to cycle through. Calculating payroll (see PDF), is a whole different responsibility, better suited for a separate abstraction.

Referential transparency as much as possible. JackMorgan 895 days ago This is highly dependent on your language. Re:Yeah, I worry about this a lot... (Score:2) by EngrBohn ( 5364 ) writes: Be careful -- as with all things, you can screw yourself no matter what you do. Your design is fine. Reality Check - You're Not As Good As You Think (Score:3) by Agrippa ( 111029 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @07:35PM (#1039286) Sorry to say this, but in reality

i'm beginning to dislike concalls. [05:00:08] what the fuck was that? [05:00:25] qd208687: 6314293 usr/src/uts/common/io/scsi/targets/sd.c : Typo in SD_TRACE for MHIOCGRP_REGISTERANDIGNOREKEY [05:00:46] delewis: before you wave a dead Instead, they've become insecure to the point of it being ludicrous. kill the pain [04:39:15] ur not missing anything yet tho [04:39:17] I dread to ask this, but anyone here ever got star to do anything useful? [04:39:18] CSFrost,