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These people are the wonderous Clipper community -- they hang out on Nanforum on CIS, and are really neat folks. Action: Some suggestions to resolve the problem are: 1) Increase available conventional memory for indexing or sorting operation. 2) Try a protected mode version of application. VMM is used for buffers, variables, and clipper code. SELECT 1 // this, and his problems disappeared USE ARFILE INDEX ON FileNo TO ARFILE // etc ... (#115909) Kurt Schaldenbrand [72137,2703] suggests that this error is ~ related in some http://mttags.com/internal-error/internal-error-92-clipper.php

internal error 1010 10. Check if there is any corruption.If you are running on a network maybe there is a connection lostsomewhere.RegardsBenny 2 Replies 8 Views Switch to linear view Disable enhanced parsing Permalink to HMGS-IDE 1.0.5 Released on 10/10/10 CCH: From the HMG Extended Forum Hi All, The updated HMGS-IDE 1.0.5 binary and sources are published at the following URL: http://www.... Simple, access Phil Barnett's site via my Cool Clipper Sites.32-bits Clipper for Windows ?Have you tried Xbase ++ ?

Gale FORd Posts: 621Joined: Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:22 pmLocation: Houston Website Top no trim in index expression by dutch » Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:58 pm Dear Gale,The index set order to 0 go top do while !eof() @ 0,0 say "Company"+profit->comp_code lockrec() profit->filter := if(profit->contract

and you are using *.CDX ...which ? ( Cl*pper,Comix,Sixdrive ) > >> AADD(aData, {"[GROS_SYS]", "gros_his", "CPM_DACH.DBF", "CPM_DACH.CDX", >> "CPM_DACH_001", "Str(Facture,5)+Str(Code_Produit,4)"}) > > is there any "need" to use STR() in your Resolve all linker warnings and errors. There are three indexes open when the order is set to 0 before the loop. Internal Error #416 (#96017) Unable to access .exe for next dynamic page of code. () This description seems very consistent with every description of this error I've seen.

If the EXE is no longer available to read, then the program will bomb with this error. (#115578) A user gets the message frequently on a Novell Network. template. If using structural indexes (.CDX, .MDX), delete the index file and recreate. Rails Rails 4.2 Released 11 months ago Delphi...

Clipper by Terry Carrol on 3rd July 2011 who asked I'd li... What is your favourite 32-bit Clipper-compatible Compiler ? Thanx Clipperheads, you all made this happen !What is Clipper ?You may ask, what is this Clipper stuff ? How to get it ?

  • How can I fix it?Regards,Dutch dutch Posts: 1065Joined: Fri Oct 07, 2005 5:56 pmLocation: Thailand Top by Detlef Hoefner » Thu Jul 27, 2006 2:49 pm Hi Dutch,could you please
  • In this case, "STATICS$ (0)" is replaced by function name and line number.
  • It's possible that this error will disappear if more or less records are present in the database.
  • Internal Error #2155, _DBSETIND (0) (#104860) Index file corruption.
  • Recreating the index and re-running may clear it up. (See Also Richard Thompson's BADPAC.ZIP or Fernando Villar's IE1210.COM in the Nanforum libraries for examples) (#95089) This scenario says to make a
  • Increasing stack space may help to remedy the situation.
  • Remember, functions and procedures are essentially the same.
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  • It was unclear from the example provided if the error was caused when a 'M->' preceded the array element, or when it did not.

I was unable to reproduce this error by using this method. The Clipper reference manual has a discussion on how to workaround zero-length index keys on page 4-56. Sometimes disappears on it's own. Internal Error #1110, __DBCREATI(0) (#111278) This error was encountered during creation of an index file in a maintenance program.

If the later, that's a read error on the specified file. http://mttags.com/internal-error/internal-error-8002-clipper.php See Also: "The Runtime Environment" chapter of the Programming and Utilities Guide. [Next] Home Web Design Programming Fairlight CMI Soap Box Downloads Links Biography About... This is documented in the Six NG under Reference/Error Codes - they suggest that the Proc depth might need increasing, but if it works standalone, that probably isn't it. Who should you call ?

Harbour Project links HbIDE Home Harbour Project Home Page : A 32/64 XBase Compiler Newsgroups & Forums comp.lang.clipper comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects comp.lang.xharbour harbour Developers Google Group Harbour Users Google Group HMG Extended Forum QEMM's command to do this is VIDRAM [OFF|ON]. In other words, the function call in the codeblock that I passed to ERRORBLOCK() had a symbol reference in it that was not linked to the program. .RTLink generated an "unresolved check my blog See Also: "Internal Error #5302" Internal Error #5320, __DBCREATI (0) (#94001) Index Problem. (#96249) Sometimes solved by reducing index key size. (#95342) Possibly a conflict with CACHE, VDISK, or SMARTDRV. (#95701)

My plan is to test this function out with about 200 open files and see what happens. If on Novell, make sure that the files are flagged as shareable, read/write. Free up some base memory by unloading unnecessary TSRs, etc ...

See Also: "Internal Error #416" Internal Error #1210, __DBPACK(0), __DBSKIP(0) Record not found in index.

Action: Some suggestions to resolve the problem are: 1) If the cause of this problem is that the database is being updated through a utility external to the application, simply recreate This means the runtime system is out of work areas for work area index strings. Internal Error #5302, VMSWAP (#95585) VMM Problem. Verification Equipment & stuff ...

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Make sure the REQUESTed database driver was linked and check the .LIBrary link order. 1201 No master index in use An operation, such as a SEEK, was performed in the work The user reported that this problem went away when he copied his program to another directory; same hard drive, free space, files, and RAM. (#115248) Internal error 1110 may mean "zero Returned DOS error 4 - perhaps related to handle problems? Increase the STACK or PROCEDURE DEPTH.