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Instead of using methods to declare your array assigning an initial size, like: LOCAL aBig[4000,8], try this: LOCAL aBig := {} FOR nX := 1 TO 4000 AADD(aBig, {}); ASIZE(aBig[nX],8) NEXT Check out IERROR.TXT in LIB 0 for complete, official explanations from Nantucket. SNMP Protocol 5. It is not recommended for normal applications, although it may be appropriate for installation programs. http://mttags.com/internal-error/internal-error-1210-clipper.php

Probably, the most common cause of this error is the declaration of extremely large arrays (e.g., local aArray[4096][4096]). It usually occurs when indexing or sorting long field length .DBF files because there is not enough memory to contain the information for the record.Action: Some suggestions to resolve the problem Make sure that the file is not marked read-only. Please e-mail me If you have his latest e-mail address. find more info

If a third-party linker is used, see if the error occurs when using RTlink for CA-Clipper or CA-Clipper/Exospace or Blinker.If a corrupted executable is suspected, recompile all .OBJ files and relink.1010 Blogger Pageviews (All Time) StatCounter: Page Loads since 28th January 2009 Popular Posts - Last 7 Days Free DBU for Windows by Antonio Linares Antonio Linares [email protected] via googlegroups.com May 4 Typically, the error occurs on "larger" files (e.g. >10MB or 80,000 records), although that is not always the case.It has been reported that the 8002 error occurs unders the German version In other words, the function call in the codeblock that I passed to ERRORBLOCK() had a symbol reference in it that was not linked to the program. .RTLink generated an "unresolved

The TRIM() functions should all be padded out to a constant width using PADR().4) Use all three arguments to STR().5) Use DTOS() instead of DTOC() in index key expressions. Join UsClose skip to main | skip to sidebar Home About Contact FAQ Khalid's Computers CA-CLIPPER INTERNAL ERRORS Posted in Labels: CA-CLIPPER INTERNAL ERROR, Troubleshooting all | 01:10 The large number manager.MemsetDWords(ptr,0,4096 >> 2); manager.MemcpyBytes(ptr2,ptr,4096); int ctr; for(ctr=0;ctr<4096;ctr++) // Bombs because of the loop... Posted by CCH at 2:23 PM Labels: 5.3, Internal Errors No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Original Welcome Page for Clipper...

Cancel Red Flag SubmittedThank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. SELECT 1 // this, and his problems disappeared USE ARFILE INDEX ON FileNo TO ARFILE // etc ... (#115909) Kurt Schaldenbrand [72137,2703] suggests that this error is ~ related in some About CA-Clipper 5.3b [21 May 1997] Clipper 5.3 introduces the native Clipper mouse & GUI programming with the use of Lightlib as a alternative terminal driver. Refer to "File and Buffers" section in the Runtime Environment chapter of the Programming and Utilities book.If insufficient file handles is not the problem, it is possible that the CA-Clipper application

Thank you to every person who has ever taken the time to help another developer, and to those who have made it a habit. The .EXE may be invalid.See Also: "Linking" and "Debugger" chapters of the Programming and Utilities Guide.9006 DBFNTX RDD index buffer access errorThe runtime system has failed to detect an RDD loaded Those funny numbers ... Make sure the order in the SET INDEX command is large key then small key.

on a database of 1 field and 26 records. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/comp.lang.clipper/Dzcn2f3GFhg Seems to have something to do with STATIC declarations. (#112790) This error occurs in DBU when it attempts to read long directories into memory via the DIRECTORY() function. It also seems Smartdrv.sys is usually installed at the time. (#112960) In essence, the 5320 means the VMM has tried to map an EMS page when no EMS is available or When you run the application, and it attempts to load another part of itself, it can't because the internal file name is invalid.

This error can occur if an attempt is made to execute code compiled with a new version of CA-Clipper under an older version, or because of a corrupted or invalid executable.Action: More about the author Check for third party Class .LIBraries and creation of new methods for additional classes. Clipper... Check the .LIBrary link order.1102 Requested RDD not linkedA database driver was specified, but that driver is not linked into the application.1112 Read value larger than 64kbA read of a variable

This error can occur if a the stack has become corrupted or there is insufficient stack space. Harbour Project links HbIDE Home Harbour Project Home Page : A 32/64 XBase Compiler Newsgroups & Forums comp.lang.clipper comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects comp.lang.xharbour harbour Developers Google Group Harbour Users Google Group HMG Extended Forum This usually indicates that an internal process tried to access a field which does not exist, or that an internal field structure is not valid for the work area. check my blog Unfortunat...

Increasing stack space may help to remedy the situation. Determine that the .EXE is not corrupted.702 Keyboard driver I/O error upon startupThe keyboard detected was not compatible for I/O access.Action: Make sure the latest CA-Clipper libraries are used, and that If one work area creates an index, then another work area tries to open that newly created index, you can get this error.Action: Recreate the index file and check the key

I've written a quite complexe browser with several inices and relations, and quite often, but not every time, I get an internal error 1210 in the funtion DBSkip or DBGo, most

  1. From time to time my calculations are off by a fewcents but I'm sure there is nothing wrong with my code.
  2. Clipper strives to cover topics relating to CA-Clipper and it's 32/64 bits successors such as Harbour Project, xHarbour, Xbase++ and 32-bits CA-Visual Objects.
  3. Make sure all linker warnings and errors are resolved.999 Attempt to execute invalid codeCA-Clipper has attempted to execute something that it doesn't recognize as valid CA-Clipper code.
  4. It is impossible to represent .275 accurately in a binary numbering system, even with unlimited bits, let alone the 64 bits that Clipper uses (all of which aren't used for the

Try increasing the maximum size of the Windows swap file.8009 Unknown errorThis error has been reported in an application that uses the FiveWin library, while attempting to open a file. One workaround may be to remove debugger code from modules that use set relation (don't use Clipper's /b), or to not use set relation. It is calling itself until the stack overflows.The evaluation stack expanded into a locked VMM segment. Internal Error #1104, __DBARRANG(0) (#102789) Occurred during a SORT..TO on an 8086 machine & expanded memory.

Make sure the database header is updated before index recreation.4001 Number of METHODs exceededAn error occurred when accessing more than 32 methods for an instantiation of a class object at runtime.Action: How do I remedy an internal compiler error? 12. Internal Error #612 (#94798), (#94656), Cause: Submitting to EVAL() a first parameter whose type is not codeblock. news Declaring: STATIC aJunk[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] can bomb.

During the time that a Clipper application runs, it swaps information from the EXE file to memory. A typographical error or using the SEND operator may mistakenly cause identification of an erroneous method.4406 Temp file read errorAn error occurred when reading from a temporary file. This region also has a low water mark with the same behaviour. I was unable to duplicate this. () I was able to get an internal error #5333 by declaring a local array larger than 4096 (we'll say 'x'), then accessing an array

Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. The user says that he was using an index expression that contained a UDF for displaying percent done during the index. This list was compiled based on the messages posted on Compu-Serve's Nanforum between November 1, 1990 and the date that appears on this file. Delphi...

Linking Techniques for Memory Management (Part 1) ... Determine if the keyboard may be accessed from the DOS prompt.703 Unable to locate display driver upon startupAction: Make sure the latest CA-Clipper libraries are used, and that no third-party libraries There can only be one symbol name for a procedure or a function. Credits ...

The number of array elements in an array is determined by multiplying the number of elements in every dimension and adding the sum of all dimensions except for the last. This means the runtime system is out of work areas for work area index strings.Action: A good place to start looking is in the third-party RDD or any "in house" C/ASM Objectives Clipper... You can take a few steps to cope with IE 5333: You can force the virtual memory manager to do a partial cleanup and compaction by executing @ 100, 100 SAY

Clipper.. Internal Error #1256, __DBSETIND(0) (#112199) There were indications that: USE GLOBAL i1 = "globuser" SET INDEX TO &i1 causes this error, when both database and index exist.