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The error, I assume, is in some other line. However we clearly need to do better than window.onerror. share|improve this answer edited Jun 25 '13 at 13:49 answered Jan 6 '10 at 9:17 Tim Down 193k42309393 I agree. "Tools -> Developer Tools" is what you want instead This is one such example as to why browsers shouldn't allow any data leak across domains. have a peek at this web-site

I read once that it's a reference to the internal version of the page that IE reads from. Firebug in FF is great, but I always find it frustrating to work with IE only bugs. Source CORS loading is definitely worthwhile for the extra context you’ll gather from most browsers. If your problem is with a specific theme or plugin, you can access their dedicated support forum by visiting http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/PLUGINNAME/support or http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/THEMENAME/support Please include the below information: the browsers that you

Internet Explorer Script Error

You'll see the error and the location. Table of Contents Background Why does the browser say "Script error." instead of something meaningful ? Internet Explorer, for instance, reports the line number in relation to the browser's own internal rendering of the document source, which may or may not match the source file!

asked 6 years ago viewed 16588 times active 3 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #91 - Can You Stump Nick Craver? Identify the Error The error console will open. In particular, JavaScript's AJAX calls can use the XMLHttpRequest mechanism. An Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page Windows 10 Sentry is the web's check engine light.

I'm wondering about an event we are getting with the message Javascript error: Script error. An Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page Windows 7 For example, here’s the same stack trace from Internet Explorer 11: Error: foobar at bar (Unknown script code:2:5) at foo (Unknown script code:6:5) at Anonymous function (Unknown script code:11:5) at Anonymous Server Client Example Setup HTML CDN JS "Script error." demo without CORS Actual JS Error with CORS enabled Related articles on web Background The "Script error." happens in Firefox, Safari, and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10711072/retrieving-the-line-number-from-an-internet-explorer-error-object Ramifications of removing encodeNameReplacement for dot (.) Movie about a hotel staff witnessing human organ transplant in one of the rooms How do you grow in a skill when you're the

How do I fix the "Script error." ? Script Error Chrome asked 4 years ago viewed 1527 times active 4 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #91 - Can You Stump Nick Craver? If you look at any javascript error report, you will see a cryptic error polluting the reports under the name "Script error." without any information about the error. errStack : "null, only Chrome/Chromium/Firefox based browsers support errorStack" , errFile = file ?

An Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page Windows 7

It's because of a possible exploit in browsers that support window.onerror. You may encounter Script Error if you load at least one JavaScript asset from another domain, such as a CDN or third-party. Internet Explorer Script Error But that line does not contain the error. Script Error Windows 10 Internet Explorer, for instance, reports the line number in relation to the browser's own internal rendering of the document source, which may or may not match the source file.

What could be the reason for the erroneous line numbers being reported. http://mttags.com/script-error/internet-explorer-script-error-line-66.php It has deeper DOM inspection to capture more error information and the events that led the user to problems. If you are really keen on not using a debugger and just viewing the source and getting the line # you can try View -> Original Source in the IE Developper Opera 1. Internet Explorer 11 Script Error Keeps Popping Up

You signed out in another tab or window. Previous company name is ISIS, how to list on CV? Note that the script may be loaded by JavaScript at runtime, so you’ll need to check the network requests in the debugger to be sure. Source You can make it easier by creating a generic wrapper utility function: function wrapErrors(fn) { // don't wrap function more than once if

Source: StackOverflow user broofa's explanation of "Script error." at Cryptic-Script-Error SO Post. Script Error Gom Player Ravikiran Janardhana Oct 14, 2014, 12:13 AM Comments This tech post is related to a nagging JavaScript error that I debugged almost a year ago. Their stack tracing script works great on all browsers except for Internet Explorer.

If this header is missing , it will refuse to the load the script.

Contents 1 Step 1: Try Another Browser 2 Step 2: Enable SCRIPT_DEBUG 3 Step 3: Diagnosis 3.1 Firefox 3.2 Internet Explorer 3.3 Chrome 3.4 Safari 3.5 Opera 4 Step 4: Reporting IE JAVASCRIPT DEBUGGING: I found this page , which promises to offer debugger environment(albeit ,not sophisticated) in the IE environment. Analysis Script Error is a symptom of a Same-Origin Policy violation in the browser. Javascript Error Line Number The first thing to check when facing a problem in IE is if the problem only exists in IE.

In Internet Explorer, navigate to Settings > F12 Developer Tools. CORS is most commonly used to address a different violation in the Same-Origin Policy: allowing cross-domain AJAX calls against external API’s. Which ones? have a peek here Alternatively, you can set the default HTML Editor on the Programs tab of the Internet Options dialog share|improve this answer answered Oct 1 '09 at 21:32 Lonzo 1,44131624 3 "Browsers

Not the answer you're looking for? Here’s an example of the Error object’s stack property in Chrome 46: "Error: foobar\n at new bar (:241:11)\n at foo (:245:5)\n at :250:5\n at :251:3\n at :267:4\n at callFunction (:229:33)\n at Will they need replacement? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference!

In Chrome, navigate to View > Developer > JavaScript Console or More Tools > JavaScript Console or press Ctrl + Shift + J. 2. Unfortunately, loading scripts from a different domain is a very good idea, and is something you should strongly consider. Particularly, in how many arguments are sent to to the onerror listener, and the structure of those arguments. This stack property tells you at what source location each frame of the program was when the error occurred.

This tech post details how you can fix this error and decrypt the error message. Step 2: Enable SCRIPT_DEBUG You need to turn on script debugging. Sentry member mattrobenolt commented Jul 2, 2014 Yeah, that's good enough. If you are recording errors from window.onerror, and your scripts are loading from a different subdomain or domain, and if such an external file throws an error, the error will be

is undefined", whereas if you're not logged in, it might be "Please Login ... RightClick>View Source is the code what the browser sees to render the page. Most error reporting libraries have mechanisms for augmenting built-in functions like addEventListener and setTimeout so that you don’t have to call a wrapping utility every time yourself. I'm Ravikiran Janardhana and I'm currently building APIs at TripAdvisor.

For an example, imagine that you accidentally visited a site called evilsite.com that serves a script pointing to your bank's home page such as "mybank.com/index.html". 1 Please note that Identify the Error The error console will open.